It is highly recommended that the sedation technique is mentored initially, in order for the clinician to gain confidence and experience before undertaking procedures on their own.

Mellow Sedation offers IV sedation mentoring with Dr Roy Bennett, a highly experienced professional in this field and a registered mentor with SAAD and DSTG.

Our sedation mentoring follows the protocols outlined in the Dental Sedation Teaching Guide, with 20 IV signed off cases being the recommended amount for a dentist.

Mentoring at your own practice is often the best way forward as you can arrange a session of assessments/treatments and are often more comfortable in your own surgery. Alternatively, if securing the number of sedation patients is a problem at your own clinic, mentees can be trained at Dr Bennett’s practice, Whitby Dental.

We would highly recommend that you bring your nurse with you and also that you attend an Intermediate Life Support (ILS) course, if you haven’t already, before your mentoring commences.

What happens?

A typical session would be a 8/9am start to discuss the case, allowing a 1 hour slot per case before reviewing the case. We would aim for three cases in the morning and three cases in the afternoon. Although this cannot always be achieved, it would be most cost effective to you. Finally, Dr Bennett will do summation (MCQ) and supply CPD certificates. Dr Bennett will develop your confidence using the cannula, explain how to avoid; and deal with complications, support you via phone/email throughout and provide live sedation DVDs for future reference. Our mentoring is very hands on and Dr Bennett prefers his mentees to face real situations so that he can demonstrate best practice when these actual situations arise. We bring all the required kit and paperwork so you can concentrate on building your skills, however we do ask that you have sufficient oxygen ready to use on the premises. We adopt a person-centred approach to the mentoring partnership and tailor to fit the needs of the mentee and their practice.

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